Information for Investors

Montenegro is a country that is attractive to investors because it has:

  • Political, monetary and macroeconomic stability
  • Simple START UP
  • Liberal economic regime of the foreign trade
  • International accounting standards
  • Favorable tax policies

Montenegro is, on the basis of principles (member) of the World Trade Organization, signatory to multilateral and bilateral agreements – Agreement on Stabilization and Association with the EU, CEFTA 2006, EFTA, Russia, Belarus and Turkey, which allows cumulation of origin and duty-free trade with 800 million consumers.

A foreign investor shall be a foreign legal or natural person based abroad, a company in which the participation of foreign capital exceeding 25%, Montenegrin citizen whose residence or stay abroad longer than a year and a company that is a foreign entity established in Montenegro.

Foreign investor:

  • may establish a company (alone or with other investors), invest in companies, buy a company or its part, establish a foreign company
  • are taxed the same as domestic investors. A foreign investment may be in cash, goods, services, property rights and securities